A Small Company With A Big Heart

Kathi and Wayne Jacobs founded VITA Digital Productions in 2000 to create and market Virtual Experience Videos. I was a retired TV Production teacher and Kathi was a retired Mathematics teacher. We were inspired to form the company after returning from trips to Italy in 1999 and Greece in 2000.

After spending months researching and purchasing professional TV cameras and other equipment, we made our first professional filming trip to Venice in spring of 2001, returning to the location of my proposal to Kathi in 1999.

In July of 2001, that trip was followed by a month long filming trip to London and Rome, where Kathi had worked as an au pair immediately after college.

Since then, we have made 19 filming trips to Europe, Egypt, Turkey, the Caribbean, and Canada and have released over 50 different Virtual Experience Videos with many more to come!

Soon after returning from the month-long trip to London and Rome, a film editor called from Hollywood. He was editing a movie that had been filmed in Rome several months earlier, and as is often the case, he and the director decided they needed some transition shots to utilize at several points to show time passing.

Since the camera crew had left Rome months earlier and the film editor knew Kathi and I had just returned from a filming trip to Rome, he contacted us and asked if we had any night-time shots of Rome which they could license and use in the movie.

Fortunately, we did, and after making that first Stock Footage sale, we realized that while on our Virtual Experience filming trips we could also shoot tripod footage and license it to TV networks. Since then, VITA Digital Productions' footage has been licensed to and used in numerous documentaries, soap operas, morning shows, and commercials on CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), the History Channel, Biography Channel, and A&E in addition to being used in a number of motion pictures. Our footage has also been used in an episode of "Ellen" and an episode of the CBS soap, "The Young and the Restless." In addition to being available on VITA Digital Productions' numerous HD stock footage websites, our HD video footage is also available on www.adobestock.com.

In 2018, we plan to shoot new virtual walks and 4K stock footage in the US Virgin Islands, followed in 2019 by a filming trip to Budapest, Prague, Vienna, and Germany.

We enjoy corresponding with many of our customers who have become friends, many of whom share with us their inspiring stories about losing weight, getting healthier, and staying fit.